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Downey Capital Advisors provides and abundant array of services to help you reach your goals.

504 SBA loans for existing and start-up business wishing to own their own commercial real estate

Financing Income producing properties including multifamily, office, retail,and hotels

Private Equity Placements

Programs include construction, permanent, bridge, mezzanine loans

Mergers and Acquisitions

Church Financing

Joint Ventures

HUD Programs including 221(d)4, 223(f), and 232

Non-Profit & For-Profit Project Financing including bond credit enhancements


In the classic sense, loan proposals, whether for construction or refinancing, are the cornerstone of the effort to secure capital financing.  The typical commercial real estate lender receives a mountain of unsolicited financing proposals every day, and your proposal must be complete and stand out to be seen and given real consideration.  We can provide the perfect submittable as we know what lenders, investors, investment bankers and syndicators are looking for in a proposal.  We would be happy to evaluate your proposal quickly and efficiently and make "value added" comments and suggestions.

​Proposal Documentation
The common elements of a winning proposal include:

Market Information/Appraisal

Every new loan proposal includes market study information to present the market risk issues along with a market risk management plan.​​


Financial Feasibility

Be prepared to provide a summation of the findings of the financial projections including total cost and income/expense statements as well as profit and loss statements.



A summary of the qualifications of the project development team and/or management company is necessary to eliminate subjective risk exposure right at the start.

​​If you don't have the  market or financial feasibility studies then you should be talking with a Downey Capital Advisors consultant about getting the studies prepared for your project.​

​What Is Merchant Banking?

The classic Merchant Bank has long been defined as a "European Financial Institution" that engages in Banking, Counseling, advising in project financing and Mergers and Acquisitions. America does NOT have "Merchant Banks" but rather entities like Downey Capital Advisors, who are engaged in the activity of Merchant Banking.

Merchant Banking is the process of acting as an Advisor and/or Agent in Project Financing, Mergers or Acquisitions, and/or Advising Clients in the "Structuring" of the funding needed for their Project, and/or assisting them in their Negotiations for the realization of a Project.

A "Good" Merchant Banker has come to be understood as one who combines Experience and Contacts, along with creativity in structuring deals to give the Client of any given Project access to the funds and expertise needed to finalize a Project.

Give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you reach your financial goals!

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