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Fixed Rate


Loan Amount

$2,500,000 minimum, no maximum

Liability & Assumability

Non-recourse; With consent of Lender and payment of 1% transfer fee

Available Loan Terms

5, 7, 10, 15, 18, 20 or 30 years

Maximum Amortization

30 years



Rates change daily. Call for current pricing

Pricing Categories

Tier II=1.25 MIN. DSC; 80% Combined Max. LTV
Tier III
=1.35 MIN. DSC; 65% Combined Max. LTV

Tier IV =1.55 MIN. DSC; 55% Combined Max. LTV


Yield Maintenance or Alternative Defeasance. Other terms and conditions are available


Taxes and Insurance (may be waived for low leverage loans)
Replacement Reserves (may be waived for Tier III & IV loans)


Application Deposit

$14,500 (includes costs for Appraisal, Environmental Assessment and Physical Needs Assessment)

Legal Fee & Survey

Legal fee is $6,500 on most deals, barring anything unforeseen; Survey required (except for AZ, CA, NV, OR and WA)

Origination Fee

Sliding scale depending on loan size.

Commitment Fee

2% at Rate Lock (Refunded at Closing)


Minimum of 85% physical and 80% economic for 90 days before closing

Supplemental Mortgages

Available (beginning 12 months after loan closing)

Extended Rate Lock


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